Friday, March 18, 2016

Training Night 17/06/16

So last night, I said that I had an idea I wanted to try during my parkour training. You can read about that here.In class, we actually did something very similar. Strange how that works, huh? What we worked on was footing for things like wall runs, tacs and turning corners efficiently.
I won't go into much detail about any of that, but I will say that, if you read my idea from the previous post, what we did was very similar. The point of my idea was basically to dip down when running so you can possibly jump higher. I did try it, and it did not work as I had hoped. I don't know if it actually would or not, considering I wasn't that great at the footwork we worked on in class. Though I did very much improve from it.

Feet are very important in parkour. Accuracy, speed, and strength. You need all of these when training. We learned to dig our feet into the surface we intend to push off of, gather up that power and then push. Don't kick the surface and don't just tap. That's really it. It was a very good class.

Outside of class, I of course practiced the human flag again, and some vaults. I always do handstands. Oh, You'll be seeing a new background on my blog soon! My friend filmed me doing a couple different things, which again, you can read about in the last post. I am going to take pictures from those frames and put them as my background!

Talk to you again later!
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