Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tonight's Parkour Training Plans - 17/03/16

 Well, I said that I would be training again tonight, and right now I already feel good for it! Definitely much better than Tuesday! I will have a class tonight, in which I hope that we get to do some weird things! Because weird is good. Makes you think more.
Outside of my parkour class tonight, in which I have no clue what we're doing, I will again work on human flags, probably handstands, and I thought of something new to try as well, but I'll get to that in a minute. I want to film a double kong tonight and maybe some other things as well. I plan to use images as the background on this blog because double kongs are one of my favorite things to do, along with handstands, so I hope you all will like that!

The new thing I want to try has to do with running and taking off a small platform to get extra height. This actually works extremely well even with a platform that is only a couple inches high. What if you don't have a platform though? What if there is no ledge, slant, wall, platform or anything else, but you either want or need to get some extra height in a running jump? Is it possible to simulate this with only yourself and flat ground?

The answer is probably yes. That is what I am going to test out tonight though. if I get a chance. What I was thinking was, when you run and take off a step or ledge or platform that is a couple inches off the ground, your take off leg bends slightly more than it does just running. So if you were to dip down slightly more before jumping, while running and without stopping at all, would it work the same?

Tonight I shall (hopefully) find out! I may not be able to do it very well or even at all, but hey, it was an idea. So I'm going to run with it!

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