Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Parkour Training - Human Flags

Well, tonight I will be training again and one thing for sure that I want to do tonight is the human flag. Human flags, if you don't know, are where you hold on to a bar (or other surface) and lift your body up sideways so that it is horizontal in the air.

They are extremely hard to do fully and the best I can do currently is hold my feet a couple inches off the ground, which is kinda why I want to practice them. Right now I train parkour mostly at a gym, but this summer I am planning on going outside with a friend!

One of my trainers told us that really the only to way to get better at doing human flags is to do them more. Just push and pull because you won't be able to lift yourself yet. He said that every time we go to train, just spend two minutes practicing them. Hold the bar and push and pull for two minutes.

I definitely want to keep doing that because I really wan to be able to do a human flag eventually. That's part of the reason I want to train them tonight. I've been forgetting most times I go, which is not a good thing! So tonight, I may spend more than just two minutes. How about that?

Other than the human flag, I do not know what else I will be training specifically yet. I never do anything specific. I just train. I see something I like, I try it. I think of something, I do it. Someone gives me an idea, I go with it.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will post about what I did train.

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